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   WHO AM I   

So you've made it to the "who am I page", of a random internet-person with a page called "zombiejuice". If you've even got this far down into the text I assume you're either a close friend, a relative or a crazy person. 

So if you're a close friend or family member and just wanted to see if the link worked, we can now confirm it worked. You may return to the blog part or whatever else you usually do online. 

For the lunatics that still somehow are interested to know - I'm an early middle age guy, living in small town outside of Zurich. I'm a terrible photographer with really expensive gear so my pictures sometimes come out quite OK. My profession is to count other peoples money and tell them how much it is. I quite enjoy animals, photography, cars and sitting down having a drink. This website is somewhat of an attempt to add a smidge of creativity into my life and share a few things with people that care. 

If you'd like to buy or use any of my photos here, feel free and contact me for any freelance photography stuff.

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