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Sony WF-1000XM4 as an Apple ecosystem junkie

OK I just have to post this, because there's no clear info on this online - and I had to make quite a bit of research to sift through the Android fan-boys to get my key-apple questions answered. So you're thinking of getting new earphones, and you happen to be entirely engrained in the Apple eco system, so you can't really make any moves outside of apple - much like myself? Good, let papa-ArtVandelay answer a few questions that make make at least the earphone switch easier, or at least it was the stuff I pondered when buying the Sony WF-1000XM4.

If you want to find out about sound quality, there's enough YouTube videos and blogs that explain why the WF-1000XM4s are top of the line - no need to do that here, so just simply - here are a few apple-fanboy questions that might make the switch easier:

Does the WF-1000xm4 seamlessly switch between Apple devices like AirPods do?

"Sort of", but not seamlessly like you're used to - however, they're way better than you think at it. Here's the thing - there are workarounds that are fairly straight forward.

  1. Pair them the first time with whatever Apple device (or other) that you have. Lets call this "Device A". Lets say it's an iPhone

  2. Pair them with your secondary device, Device B. Let's say it's an iPad.

  3. Each time you want to swap, pop your headphones in your ears, open the Sony Headphones app on the device in which it's not playing at the moment, and the first window there will be "Connect" (since it's currently connected to Device A), and in a matter of seconds, it's swapped device. No need to disconnect from Device A - the app handles it.

  4. Repeat for Device C, D, E, etc...

And some folks might say - but if I get a call, that's too much work! No worries - since you're already reading this, I am assuming you're deep into the Apple ecosystem - so a call that comes into your phone comes into your iPad or Macbook anyway, and whatever Apple device you're listening to right now will get the call. I.e., if you're listening to a movie on your iPad, and someone calls you - the call will go through your iPad too, and you can just answer there.

Does the WF-1000xm4 work with Apple FindMy?

No, but it works with Google maps. So... you know, it's a map on your iPhone anyway. I think it's more than OK not to use Apple maps for this particular thing.

Is the case "wirelessly" rechargeable?

Yes - yes it is. That's all it takes Sony to answer that question. The manual answers it in a convoluted way trying to specify which type of wireless recharge technology you need. It's just a normal one for the laypeople out there. It's the top search one on google for these, and Sony goes through several steps to show how to connect a USB-C cable to it - but then mentions the wireless functionality as " Wireless charging is available using a commercially available wireless charging pad that meets the Qi standard."

Honestly Sony, you're talking to your customers who aren't all tech geeks and I would guess most don't know what Qi standard means, but it's the one that Apple, LG, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Asus and Xiaomi uses - so 99.9% of the market - so just say "yes, it's wireless recharge".

And if someone at Sony thought, that it is helpful so we clearly inform what we do - I am just going to say, it's not helpful - as a handful of store clerks have told me they either don't know, or that it straight up isn't wireless, because much like me they can't tell from your manual without googling what Qi means.

Do the WF-1000xm4 earbuds integrate with iOS so I can control transparent, Noice cancel or off on the sound bar like my AirPods Pro?

No - but you can do that by tapping your earphones - IF you don't like that Sony has a smart function that figures out what makes most sense for you! It works great so far, it figures out if I'm on a train, sitting at home, in the office, the washing machine is on, or whatever and adjusts the earphones accordingly. Sounds like that could be annoying? It isn't, it works great. And if you don't like, turn off the auto feature and just tap the left earbud to whatever setting you want - INSTEAD of having to into your iPhone, open the volume bar thingie, hold it down and select which you want.

Finally a message for Sony:

If you're reading this - you're making some awesome headphones - but honestly replace your marketing team...

  1. Want to beat apple? Answer questions they might be asking

  2. The name - my god, I keep forgetting what they are called all the time - just call them Sony EarPods Pro or Sony EarPods Plus. Then you can name the headphones by "Sony HeadPhones Plus" ... all I'm saying is make consumer related names, given I assume you want some of those juicy consumers.

  3. Stop saying things like "Qi standard" - aint nobody knows what that means.

Cheers and thanks for reading. Go get the "WF-1000xm4s", which I'm just now gonna refer to as the Sony EarPods Plus 4. The sound quality and ANC is crazy good.

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