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Bringing the camera to the museum

Seems like it was a different lifetime when I was able to be out on trips, taking my animal pictures in exotic places.. Can't wait for this pandemic to be over so I can get back out and see some nature.

I bet though that some of these animals are having some well deserved time off from photographers hiding in the bushes - and they get a paparazzi free life for a bit.

One thing I brought my camera to was the museum - not as wild, but still quite a solemn experience to capture some of the most famous impressionist sculptures from a time almost 100 years ago - when they were battling their own pandemic sweeping through Europe (Spanish flu). The museum adhered to mask and social distancing rules (I know my mom reads my blog, so to assure her I'm not taking unnecessary risks - there's a little disclaimer :-) )

I've always found it odd seeing people take pictures of pictures in museums - but somehow, I quite enjoy it! Also, how the light falls on statues and sculptures perfectly presented by museum light-fixtures makes for a good object to shoot.

The paintings of the era has a special place in my heart too -as this Monet somehow managed to capture a feeling of home.

I can't really place why. Maybe the water looks like lakes that I'm used to up in northern Sweden - maybe it's the north European summer light bouncing off of the water and through the trees which Monet manages to capture.

It almost seems like you can tell in detail which month, and even day of the week this picture represents. To me, I can almost see that it's a nice 22 C in the shade, it's a Wednesday in July and if you were to jump into the lake, you'd feel a refreshing and almost shocking cool.

Anyway, stay healthy!

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