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Don't leave me on the coast of Santorini

We managed to get to Santorini as the summer came to an end and before the lockdowns came rumbling back.

With all my travel, I was almost surprised myself that I’ve never been to Greece before. I guess it’s always had that bad charter-travel taste for me, and I’ve avoided trips like this like the plague. Back in the 90’s when Rhodos, Mallorca and Canaries were huge among the palest and oilest of us europeans I got a bad taste for the whole thing. But mid-COVID Santorini is something else - the massive cruise ships are gone, the hoards of tourists aren’t there and the prices have moved accordingly (somewhat). This made it a lot more exotic and interesting - and to be fair, they know how to cater to tourists so there’s always good food and nice people around, happy to see some tourists sneaking back.

Given we hadn’t been there before, we didn’t know where to stay, nor did we know if restrictions would change, so we only booked our first three nights at one place, and booked the rest while there. This ended up being quite a nice solution, and I would almost prefer to continue this post-COVID as you get a sense for the place, and will never have that “oh man, I wish we picked this part of the island”-feel. We stayed in three different parts of the island, and they all came with their own good and less good parts.

Overall, Santorini is a fantastically beautiful place, and for a history buff as myself, I would be happy to visit more of Greece in the future.

Here are some super hot tunes we played our whole stay there.

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