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Goldau Animal Park, Switzerland

It's difficult to see these beautiful creatures in any kind of captivity, however Tierpark Goldau does it in a very nice way. I think I was lucky to even get to see them, as their inclosure is quite large, and there are tons of huge space for the animals to go hide. I stood on a spot alone for quite some time with my camera, waiting, until I saw a group for four wolves walking around.

In my native country of Sweden, the wolf is threatened by yokels and rubes that want to hunt them to extinction as they believe their livelihood and their lives are threatened by the wolf. Sweden has about 300 wolves according to the Parks and Recreation department (Naturvårdsverket), and any damage caused by wolves are compensated by the state, and the same is true in my current homeland on Switzerland where the wolves of Calanda Mountain (towards the border of Lichtenstein) sometimes mess up some farm.

I for one love the European wolf, and if you want to help protect them - joing the WWF wolf pack!

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