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Post Lunch Cheetahs, Zimbabwe

So continuing on the subject of cats, I thought I'd post a few pictures of this family of cheetahs. Our guide spotted this group on a ridiculous distance... I still cannot believe he saw it or how he did it - as it must have been almost half a kilometer away, a little shadow under a tree appeared (I could barely see the tree itself..) and the guide just goes ; "Cheetah, over there"...

We took almost 30-40 minutes slowly approaching them, trying to make them as comfortable as possible. You've got to be really careful with the wild cheetahs, as they're elusive, nervous and fast. Especially in the Hwange park area, as it's not that many wildlife explorers in the area, and the park is vast, so the human presence is not something they're used to.

Getting close, we could see that their stomachs were MASSIVE, as they were just done with lunch, so they were quite slow trying their best to digest their food.

I sure hope you enjoyed these pictures. I took maybe 400 of the cheetahs alone, off of which, these here are my favorites.

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