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South Africa, Kruger - March 2019

As always on my safari trips, I came back with 3,000 photos, 98% terrible. I was however happy that at least one photo of someone whom I've decided to call Scar was lounging by the water while the little ones were drinking water and screwing around turned out quite OK.

We found the group by getting close to the little ones as they were hanging out by a pond.

Some of them we're just cuddling - which was heart meltingly cute...!

Closer to sunset, the cubs start poking their parents to try and get them to go "grocery shopping" on the savanna for their dinner. They climb the grown ups, whip their tail in their faces and act generally as annoying as they absolutely can.

As he got up, tired, annoyed and ready to do his duty - you could really see that the scars on his face means that this gentleman has proven many times, that he is, in fact, the boss.

I had this printed and framed to keep in my home office, to remind myself that if you're the boss, you've had to take a few hits to the face to get there.

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