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Sumvitg, Graubunden - Switzerland

This weekend I headed down to Sumvitg, deep in the Graubunden alps in Switzerland, where I rented a room on a farm in the village. I spent the entire two days out trekking the mountains in the search for interesting birds or wildlife. It's an interesting part of Switzerland where the main language is "Romansh", which according to some is the closest we'll ever get to imagine how the Romans actually sounded.

I couldn't focus on the wildlife part at all.. Just look at this amazing landscape, that even in bad weather creates a fantastical dramatic scene.

Mixed in among the mountains I watched as the rain clouds rolled down the hills and engulfed the autumn colors in in a misty haze. The mountain tops looked menacing, dark, cold and dramatic.

Only on the route back from the mountain back to the farm did I manage to capture a few common birds, which together with the color contrast of autumn made everything look spectacular.

I tried to spend as much time as possible out in the forest, so I made sure that I had enough food and water with me, and with my trusty Trangia kitchen I could really stick it out with nature. There are tons of various cooking tools to bring, but for me, ever since I did my military service in Sweden I've loved the Trangia kitchen (and freeze dried foods!).

Can't wait to get back out again. Next week on Tuesday, I'm off to Zimbabwe for four days to stay out in Hwange. But more about that next week!

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