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Leonard The Blind Lion, Zimbabwe

I was planning to do a cat post, but I have so many wonderful cat experiences from Zimbabwe that it won't fit in one massive post, so lets start with one cool cat, Leonard the blind lion. I don't know if his name really is Leonard, but let's call him that for now.

Look at this fella.. he's had to suffer some sacrifices to run his tribe. He's still strong and runs his tribe successfully, but given the downside of mono-vision, the conditions could be quite harsh for Leonard coming wet season.

He did have some beautiful wives hanging around him though. For Leonards sake, I hope they stick around and won't give him too much pain due to his handicap, which I personally think makes him look pretty badass.

I can't get enough of the gaze of these cats and their orange glowing eyes. Soon I'm hoping to finalise my edits of the cheetahs which too come with beautiful round and orange eyes. I have about 300 pictures of a cheetah crew feasting on their latest catch.

But for now, please enjoy some more of Leonard the blind lion.

He's just too awesome!

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