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Two months with the Sony SEL 90mm Macro

Holy smokes it's been fun to investigate the small world. Given the pandemic, travel to the African plains have been somewhat complicated, but we have a lot of massive plains in our homes if you have a good enough macro lens to see it.

It was pretty difficult to get hold of in Switzerland, as the demand for the lens had been so significant. But P&M Media in Luzern got in two, and they were nice enough to hold one for me as I got to them early. You should really support your local camera store, as these guys care about what they are doing, they will get to know you, and will be able to support you specifically with whatever you need with your camera. P&M Luzern is actually extra nice - and even though I nowadays live an hour away from Luzern, I still drive there to check out what they got, or buy most of my gear directly from them if they have it. Also, the team that works there are brilliant - so if you're in Switzerland and want to swing by a great camera store - P&M is your place!

The lens itself is getting fantastic reviews across the board - and you can find countless of Youtube reviews and blogs about the lens. But rarely any photo examples unless its Sonys own stuff. So I thought I'd attach a few of my favourites from July and August here. (People that don't like bugs, some of these gon' be gross)

It's tricky given the f-stop is so tight to get full focus, so I got this Focus Stacker app for Mac where you can stack photos directly in Apple photos without subscribing to Lightroom. This orchid above is a stack of around 10 photos!

Hope y'all enjoyed that as much as I liked taking these photos! Stay safe out there.

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