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Victoria Falls Hotel, Zimbabwe

I just got back from my five day trip in Zimbabwe, where we lived for a few nights in tents at the Hwange Bush Camp out in the Hwange National Park. I took more than 1,700 pictures over those days, so currently I'm slowly going through them all.

Given the Bush camp is quite rustic, with a main focus on the wildlife we decided for our first arrival night, to stay at the classic and luxurious Victoria Falls Hotel, where princess (back then) Elizabeth stayed with her husband, the famous casual racist, Prince Philip II.

The hotel is absolutely fantastic, and the staff is warm and welcoming. It's very traditional and offers a fine dining restaurant (with a dresscode) and and two other more relaxed alternatives. The hotel has a wonderful history, and it's 10 minutes walking distance from the Victoria Falls where I popped over to snap some shots of the magnificent scenery.

It's quite dry in this season, so the water is apparently quite low, but regardless - the falls are still extraordinarily impressive.

It's difficult to capture the falls majestic presence in pictures like this, but I just find them fantastically powerful to just stare at for as long as possible. The sound, the massive amounts of water and the deep and gigantic gorge in which the water roars down into.

My goal is to edit the cat photos for this week, and share some with you three or four people that read this blog!

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