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Walking around Frankfurt

I'm back up in Frankfurt again, walking around the town taking some photos. I wish I had my portrait lens with me this time - there were some interesting characters walking the street in the city. Frankfurt is a mixed city, with bankers, and rabid druggies and a wide cultural mix.

You can easily dislike this city - but easily kind of like parts of it. I'm not sure yet what to think of the city, but as long as you have a car here, you don't have to be exposed too much to the odd parts of town.

They should really work on moving the red light district to the outskirts of town (or just simply get rid of it in all) as I believe it would vastly reduce the worst parts of this town.

Later today, I'm going back home to Zurich, and I should really just take the camera and walk around Zurich too. I want to do a lot more night-shots in the cities.

Like this amazing photo (NOT TAKEN BY ME), from Seoul. Asian cities have so much interesting neon light features at night - and I just think this kind of cyber punk feel is super neat - and would be neat to try and capture a cyber punk feel out of Zurich. (Credit goes to Noealz - Seoul Photography).

Stay safe out there!

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